"Exposed" touches how each and every one of us feels without their mask. Masks are worn everyday by everyone, it's who you decide to take it off with that makes a difference.

In this artwork entitled “Exposed” you will find a sketch of a glacial mask devoid of emotions; the mask is unclasped from the wearer. In reality masks come in different shapes and sizes and the emotions etched on these masks vary. What is carved on the outside is not always a direct reflection of the person who dons it. Every one of us wears masks for personal reasons either knowingly or unknowingly. The title of this artwork simply implies exposure, exposing and shedding light on the real you by removing the mask. What makes a difference in this world is not about the masks you wear but the sincerity of the real you. The genuine authenticity of a person is what matters the most.

Artist Amro A. A.

Dimensions in cm (width x hight): 45 x 30; 92 x 61; 100 x 70 or 130 x 90

Limited to 200 pcs only 

Authenticity: Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes the number of print. The artwork also includes a label that has the number, name, QR code and description.