"Freeman #46664"


"Freeman #46664" is an artwork dedicated to the late Nelson Mandela 'Madiba'. Capturing his true essence as a humanitarian and leader, his smile holds years of pain paired with sacrifice and hope. This was created the day of his passing. 

This artwork captures the image that Nelson Mandela has imprinted in our minds and hearts when he was still alive until his passing. His courage, leadership and humanitarian acts have left an indelible mark in history. The smile sketched on his face is the result of the pain and sacrifices he went through to uphold his philanthropic dreams and leadership and to live out his humanitarian principles. 

Artist Amro A. A. 

Dimensions in cm (width x hight): 28 x 36; 61 x 92; 70 x 100 or 90 x 130 cm

Limited to 300 pcs only 

Authenticity: Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes the number of print. The artwork also includes a label that has the number, name, QR code and description.