"Catch me if you can"


"Catch me if you can" is an illustration artwork print of the Gekko, tricky  and unpredicted movements.

This artwork named “Catch me if you can” is an illustration of a gecko whose movements are tricky and unpredictable. All throughout history, geckos carry different representations and are often believed to be symbols of life, death, rebirth and omens among many others; the artist simply used the innate characteristics of a gecko to create this remarkable artwork. This is a standstill picture of a gecko that is always in motion.

Artist Amro A. A. 

Dimensions in cm (width x hight): 28 x 36; 61 x 92; 70 x 100 or 90 x 130 cm

Print 1 run 500 pcs for each size

Authenticity: Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes the number of print.