"Destiny" brings the meaning of life and how to live it. The fusion of freewill and fate is depicted in this art piece print. 

This artwork shows a classic portrait of an age-old quill pen and ink on canvas.  This timeless piece of artwork depicts a poignant story of how the artist views and understands destiny. The title of this entry is “Destiny”. Destiny is believed to be a series of events predetermined to happen to a particular person. But destiny isn’t absolute. The truth is, you have full control over your life. The little seemingly inconsequential decisions that you make every day impact your life in the long haul even though you might not see it in the here and now. The canvas represents your life and the quill represents your will power. What you write on that canvas determines what your life will become and that is your destiny. Destiny is an indescribable amalgamation of freewill and fate and that’s what makes it unique.

Artist Amro A. A. 

Dimensions in cm (width x height): 28 x 36; 61 x 92; 70 x 100 or 90 x 130 cm

Limited to 300 pcs only 

Authenticity: Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes the number of print. The artwork also includes a label that has the number, name, QR code and description.